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UP Secretary Salary And Work Profile Details

UP Secretary Salary And Work Profile Details
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UP Secretary Salary And Work Profile Details – Friends, when we go to the head of that department for a job in a government department or primary companies. Then we are asked to talk to our secretary. Only the secretary can tell you information about all subjects. Now even if you go to a big leader for a task, you still have to display your work with the secretary. Now the question should come to your mind that how do they become secretaries? But bigger than this or the question is, what are the tasks they have to do after selecting a secretary?

If you want to know the answers to all these questions, then do read this article till the end. By the end of this article, you will get complete information about the work of the secretary and the salary given to them. So come and give you information about the secretary.


History of Secretary

The post of a secretary in our country is basically a gift of the central government during British rule. In the year 1799, the then Governor-General Lord Wellesley suggested this post. During British rule, GS Ball was first elected to this position.

With the passage of time, when the country became independent, many years ago this post was removed from the central government and made the post of state government.

A Chief Secretary is the official head of the State Secretariat. It is also the administrative head of the administration of the state and holds the highest position in the administrative posts of the state.

Revenue in Uttar Pradesh was considered higher than a board member. After the humanization of this post in 1973, the post came to be treated as the post of Secretary to the Central Government both in tailor and achievements.

The tenure of any secretary is not fixed. But after some time, the Commission recommended to keep this tenure for 3 to 4 years but later this recommendation was also rejected


UP Secretary Work Profile

Commissioners who work as the secretary of Uttar Pradesh are given many functions and powers. Below we are giving information about the work done by the Uttar Pradesh Secretary and the powers.

  • A Chief Secretary acts as an advisor to the Chief Minister of that state. The Chief Minister consults the Secretary on all policy matters related to the governance of the state.
  • The Secretary gives all the information sent by the Ministers of the state related to administrative hurdles to the Chief Minister.
  • A secretary acts as a link between the secretaries of other state governments and the chief ministers of other states.
  • The Secretary of State oversees all the works that do not come under the authority of other elders.
  • The zonal council includes some states that consider each secretary to be a member of the council of state. The Chief Secretary of each State oversees the work of the Secretaries of the Council from time to time.
  • A Chief Secretary controls the secretariat of the entire state and supervises their working efficiency.
  • Implementation of administrative control over all the staff supervising and monitoring the secretariat building, the staff belonging to the minister, the library of the Central Archives Secretariat, the department of the secretariat.
  • The Secretary plays all administrative important roles related to law and order and planning.
  • Sometimes a secretary also serves as a spokesperson for the state government.
  • When President’s rule comes into force in a state, it takes over the position of advisor to the governor on behalf of the central government.
  • The Secretary also looks after the work done by the Chief Public Relations Officer of the State Government.

Appointment of UP Secretary {UP Secretary Salary And Work}

The process of appointing any secretary in the Uttar Pradesh government is almost like the secretary of all state governments. At present, Rajendra Kumar Tiwari, who was a 1985 batch IAS officer, has been posted as Chief Secretary. In any state, when a secretary is appointed, then there is appointed by the present-day Chief Minister. The IAS officer is elected as a Chief Secretary. Earlier, 1984 batch IAS officer Anoop Chandra Pandey has served as the Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh.

Salary of UP Secretary {UP Secretary Salary And Work}

A total of four categories of secretaries have been kept in the state government. Secretaries of all these categories receive different types of pay. Class IV employees working in the post of Secretary of Uttar Pradesh are given a minimum of ₹ 18000 and a maximum of ₹ 225000 (employees of the rank of Chief Secretary) per month

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Who appoints a secretary?
    Answer: – The Secretary is appointed by the present-day Chief Minister.
  2. Who is presently the secretary of Uttar Pradesh?
    Answer: – At present, the Secretary of the state of Uttar Pradesh is Mr. Rajendra Kumar Tiwari (IAS officer). Who has been appointed by the Honorable Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in the year 2019?
  3. Who becomes the secretary of the state?
    Answer: – To become the secretary of any state, a candidate must be an Administrative Officer ie IAS Officer.
  4. What are the tasks that a person working on the post of secretary has to do?
    Answer: – The person acting as the secretary of any state has responsibility for all administrative tasks under the present-day Chief Minister. For details, please read our article.
  5. Who appoints a secretary at the center?
    Answer: – In the Union Cabinet, a Secretary is appointed by the President. The work of a secretary appointed by the President is similar to the secretary of the state.
  6. How much salary is paid to a secretary?
    Answer: – Class IV employees working in the post of Secretary of Uttar Pradesh are given a minimum of ₹ 18000 and a maximum of ₹ 225000 (Chief Secretary category employees) per month.

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