What is LASIK Surgery ? Complete Information about LASIK Surgery

What is LASIK Surgery ?

What is LASIK Surgery Complete Information about LASIK Surgery
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What is LASIK Surgery: – Friends, in today’s time, many people suffer from eye problems, and most people use eyeglasses to avoid this problem. In the 21st century, a person spends more time on a computer screen or mobile screen. Due to which the eyesight decreases, and they have to use glasses. Some people consider eyeglasses to be a blot on their personality. Because of which they want to get permanent treatment. Such people who want to get rid of eyeglasses must read this article till the end. Because in today’s article we will give you information about how to get rid of this problem.

What is LASIK Surgery Complete Information about LASIK Surgery


Scientists have done many inventions with the help of science. Similarly, with the help of science, scientists have invented important surgeries like LASIK Surgery in the medical field. By which man can get rid of glasses. Let us give you detailed information about LASIK Surgery. For this, you remained connected with us till the end.


What is LASIK Surgery?

What is LASIK Surgery? : – Lasik surgery is a surgery that removes eyeglasses or other eye problems like myopia (Myopia) (Hyperopia) (Hyperopia) (distant object is not visible), Astigmatism ( Objects appear blurred) Surgery is performed to remove problems. The full name of LASIK Surgery is laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis meaning LASIK. Before conducting LASIK surgery, an eye surgeon must be consulted. This surgery should be done only if the eye problem does not go away after doing eye medicine and eye exercises etc. LASIK Surgery is eyeglass removal surgery.

In this surgery, the cornea is arranged in the correct shape by laser. By which the light falling on the retina comes in the right way, and the pictures are formed. Doctors use lasers to create a flap over the cornea.


Reasons for having LASIK surgery

Laser surgery proves to be better for the treatment of eyes. Not all people are advised to undergo this surgery. For this, some specific things have to be kept in mind. Which is as follows.

  • The ability of a person’s eye vision should be between 1 to 8.
  • When a person’s cornea becomes very thin and the object is not visible, then it is better to perform this surgery.
  • Individuals who have problems like Myopia (not seeing things nearby), Hyperopia (not seeing distant things clearly), Astigmatism (objects appear blurred). They can also get this surgery done.
  • People who have glasses in their eyes. Still, they are unable to work on the computer for long. They can also get this surgery done.
  • The problem could not be cured even by using many types of medicine for eye problems. Then in this situation, it is beneficial to have this surgery.

How is laser surgery done?

It takes 30 minutes or less to perform laser surgery. To perform this operation, some steps are to be taken, which are as follows:

  • The first person is lying on the Reclining Chair.
    After that, the person lying on the Reclining Chair is given medicine. So that he can get rest.
  • The person undergoing laser surgery is asked to put the medicine of Numbing Drop in the eye.
  • After putting the Numbing Drop in the person’s eyes, the doctor keeps the pupil of the eye open using a medical instrument.
  • The person’s cornea flap is cut through the section ring. After which the person may have trouble seeing.
  • After the doctors cut the flap portion of the cornea, the flap is rearranged using a small blade.
    A laser is also used to rearrange the cornea flap.
  • The laser beam used in this operation is gradually removed and removed with the Pulse.
  • After rearranging the cornea, the doctors place the flap in the first place. Usually, the flap fixes itself. For which no soldering is done.
  • In this whole operation process, one has to focus on a light point.


Work was done after LASIK surgery

Laser surgery is a very precautionary surgery. After this surgery, a person should be careful in certain tasks. Therefore, they should work according to the advice of the doctor. Which is as follows-

  • After laser surgery, the person is required to stay in the waiting room for at least one to one and a half hours.
  • During this time the person’s eyes are examined, and it is ascertained whether the laser surgery was successful or not.
  • After surgery, the person has common problems in his eyes such as burning sensation, watery eyes, or itchy eyes. Therefore, the doctor’s eye drops should be used.
  • A special type of spectacles is given after laser surgery. So that he can protect the eyes from the bright light of the sun and their rays.


Benefits of getting LASIK surgery

The procedure of laser surgery is very beneficial. Due to which the life of the person changes. But there are some people who are unaware of the benefits of laser surgery. People who undergo laser surgery can enjoy the main five types. Which is as follows-

  • Many people feel pain in the eyes and ears due to applying glasses. But after getting this procedure done, there is no pain.
  • No stitches are used in this entire surgery.
  • After surgery, a person’s eyesight changes significantly. By which a person can see things better.
  • After getting laser surgery, one gets rid of sunglasses or contact lenses.
  • Laser surgery proves to be very effective. If a person undergoes laser surgery, there is almost a 99% chance. That his eyesight gets better.


Expenses for getting LASIK surgery

Before getting laser surgery, the question is always in the person’s mind, how much will it cost to get this surgery done. Although this process is a bit expensive, with different technology, its expenses can be reduced somewhat. Which is as follows-

टोपोग्राफी गाइडेड लेसिक (Topography Guided LASIK)30 से ₹80 हजार
वेवफ्रंट लेसिक (Wavefront LASIK)30 से ₹80 हजार
माइक्रोकेटमे (MicroKeratome)30 से ₹80 हजार
फेम्टो सेकेंड (Femtosecond)1 लाख या उससे अधिक


Disadvantages of laser surgery

Laser surgery is usually a very beneficial surgery. But this surgery also has some disadvantages. Which is as follows-

  • If a person’s laser surgery fails once. So he cannot get the eyes treated again.
  • Pregnant women cannot get this surgery done. Because this surgery can also have an effect on the unborn child.
  • Failure of LASIK surgery can lead to loss of eyesight.

Friends, today we have given you all information related to LASIK surgery (What is LASIK Surgery?).

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