MP Jail Prahari Salary, Work Profile, And Promotion with complete details

MP Jail Prahari Salary, work profile, and Promotion: – Friends, the candidate fills any type of application form, he has the desire to know what kind of work will be done after filling that application form and how much Salary is given. Only after all this information, the candidates fill the application form. In today’s article, we will give you information about the salary and work profile of Madhya Pradesh jail guard and MP Jail Prahari Salary, work profile, and promotion. To know this important information, stay with us till the end.

Normally the work of MP jail guard is very important which is basically applicable to government rules. Their job is to prevent migration and to improve prison facilities. They maintain the security of prison inmates and the security of jails. The candidates who are selected for the post of MP Prison Guard. He has to undergo a probation period of 2 years. After the last phase, the employees are given better salaries and other government benefits by the government. Employees are paid according to the Seventh Pay Commission. For the information about the salary received from MP jail guard and his work, read for us till the end.


MP Jail Prahari Salary

Employees who work as Madhya Pradesh jail guards are paid as per the Seventh Pay Commission. According to the Seventh Pay Commission, the Madhya Pradesh Jail Watchdog is given from around 19500 to ₹ 62000 per month. With the help of the table below, you are given information about salary details.

पदमूल वेतनसातवें वेतन आयोग के बाद वेतनस्तर
एमपी जेल प्रहरी5200 से 20200 + 1900 ग्रेड पे19500 से 62000 रुपए प्रतिमाह4
प्रोबेशन पीरियडमूल वेतन का 70%


MP jail guard’s probation period

During the probation period, the MP jail guard has to work for 2 years. At the time, they are paid a stipend. Employees are given a stipend (MP Jail Prahari Salary) in percentage wise i.e. 70% of basic salary is given to the first-year stipend.


MP Jail Sentinel Work Profile

The work of MP Jail Prahari (MP Jail Prahari Salary and work profile) is quite important and full of responsibility. With the help of the points below, we will give you information about their important works.

  • Implementing prison rules and maintaining order within the prison.
  • Tackling problems with inmate requests and applications.
  • Working with a small group of inmates in collaboration with prison inmates and helping them prepare for release.
  • These periodically patrol the different branches and buildings of the jail and appoint other employees of the jail.
  • Monitoring the story of prison inmates.
  • Inspecting security facilities in the prison to ensure they are accurate to safety standards.
  • Do not allow any suspicious activity or foreign goods to be used among the inmates of the jail.
  • To provide awareness of rights to prisoners and motivate them to do good work.
  • The main responsibility of the jail guard is also to prepare and submit reports from time to time.
  • It is the job of the prison guard to control the problems and abusive behavior of the prisoners and to maintain peace in the jail.


Additional benefits and devotion of MP jail guard

Apart from the salary (MP Jail Prahari Salary), the employees are also given additional benefits and allowances by the Commission, which is as follows

  • dearness allowance
  • Medical allowance
  • Travel allowance
  • House rent allowance
  • High altitude allowance
  • Compensation Allowance of the city.

MP Jail Prahari promotion

Promotion is given to the employees working on the post of the jail guard. The jail for promotion is decided on the basis of the experience and skill of the watchdog. The Prison Sentinel is promoted as the main prison guard.

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