How to prepare for competitive exam? How to prepare for one day exam? How to Prepare for any Exam?

How to prepare for competitive exam

Today we will know, “How to prepare for competitive exam” and you can also say, “Competitive exam preparation tips in English”. Before appearing in any examination, it is necessary that if you understand about its pattern, then the pattern gives solution to half the problem. This strategy is being presented from the point of view of the PCS Exam and you are expected to be benefited by it.

How to prepare for competitive exam?

  • UPPCS Pre Exam is scheduled in March, so you have to prepare for this.
  • In 150 questions, CUTT OFF will be between 105-110 questions if the sheet falls between 500 – 600.
  • Therefore, you have to take a strategy to correct 105+ questions at least.
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How to create a time table for a competitive exam

How to pass exam

  • 150 questions contain at least 60 to 70 questions from old year papers.
  • So, your first task is to prepare the previous year’s questions very well
  • These 60 to 70 questions can be corrected. For this, you take a book that has the solution of previous years like – event cycle or my notes.

How to prepare for one day exam Important Tips

  • Current affairs comes between 25 and 30 every year, you should catch it because it is the decider.
  • You have to read daily and write every day.
  • You have to prepare the current from June to February
  • Keep reading daily, otherwise keep yourself out of the war zone because it is not going to be ready in a couple of days.
  • If you correct 95% of these 25-35 questions, then your 20 to 30 questions are correct.
  • Now your total correct questions were – between 80 and 100 were correct.
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One Day Exam Preparation Study Plan

  • Those who are new, their study time should be at least 10 to 14 hours.
  • Once everyone has read, 6 to 8 hours will be enough.
  • Those who do not remember just by reading, write, remember, do not think of yourself as small in writing.

Book for One Day Exams

  • Try to keep a good grip on the polity, environment and modern history and geography of India, rote the mountain, lake, volcano etc. topics so that
  • There is no doubt in coming such questions, you will get my notes from Facebook or my sites, read them once.
  • Look at my notes for Uttar Pradesh special and agriculture, and keep watching when you get the rest of the time.

Tips for competitive exam preparation

  • Study should be done till the exam is over. Remember,
    In today’s date
  • every face in front of you is your opponent, so do not make the mistake of underestimating someone.

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